Revenue For Government


Some contributors pay all or some of their voluntary ground rent to their chosen tier of government, provided that it is prepared to accept the payment. The mechanism is set out in How Contributions are Made.

Contributors have found some parish councils open to receiving this revenue. Parish councils are the most local tier of government, and they are quite separate from parochial church councils. Parish and town councils may be particularly appropriate at this stage, as even a few people in a town or parish may contribute enough to make a real difference locally.

Parish and Town Councils

In the present economic climate, many contributors would want our voluntary contribution to be used to provide better local services, not to reduce the parish council precept – the tax it levies on residents that is collected through the council tax. As local people realise that their council has more funds at its disposal, we hope that this will encourage more of them to attend council meetings and stand for election, thereby stimulating local democracy.

We began by contacting the council and asking whether they would be open in principle to receiving a regular monthly payment. After receiving a positive response, we sent them one side of A4, called Information for Councils, as background information.

Billing authorities (District council, borough council or unitary authority)

At present, none of us are contributing to a billing authority though it is under discussion.

UK Government (via HMRC)

In principle, revenues raised in this manner could be used to reduce taxes, for example, National Insurance Contributions, as these act as a tax on jobs, impose a burden on enterprise and fall most heavily on the lowest earners (see The Regressive Nature of NI, Neil Harding)

The United Nations

Another possible beneficiary is the United Nations Development Programme.

Street assemblies

If local people organise themselves into street assemblies, these too may become suitable beneficiaries.