Old Introduction

What we want Paying our Dues to achieve

The originators of Paying our Dues all believe that the world would be a fairer, more equitable and more economically efficient place if all owners of land and natural resources paid their dues. We have each decided to start paying a proportion of our own dues in order to:

  • move beyond campaigning for Land Value Taxation to direct action;
  • start something that could potentially take off and transform the global economy;
  • demonstrate to politicians that people will willingly pay dues on their land if they can see the benefits;
  • stimulate conversation about the nature of ownership of land and how public revenue is raised.

Beyond this, the reasons why we pay our dues, and what we hope to achieve are quite varied.

The Paying our Dues movement started in Devon in the UK, and our examples so far are British, but we hope that the movement will spread worldwide.

At this stage, any dues that you choose to pay are transferred directly from you to your chosen recipient. There will be more options available to dues-paying contributors as the project develops. However, the instigators of the movement wish to make clear that we have no plans to form a Paying our Dues organization and that we will never handle nor take responsibility for any moneys paid by contributors as dues.

We warmly invite you to join us.


Who receives the dues?

Each contributor to Paying our Dues decides how we want our own contributions to be used – either to provide some form of Universal Income (UI) and / or to provide revenue for government.

When dues have been directed to them by contributors, any tier of government may receive revenue.

At this stage of the movement, the recipients of dues that have been directed by contributors to the payment of a Universal Income are paid to a charity that distributes a Universal Income in areas where people are living in poverty and deprivation.

Our ultimate aim is that everybody on the planet will be able to receive a Universal Income. If you are interested in being part of a pilot project which could open the door to broadening the UI options, including being a UI recipient yourself, please let us know.