How to make a Voluntary Ground Rent contribution

If you decide to make a voluntary ground rent contribution the step is to decide how much you intend to pay each month, based on the market rent of your land and your desire and ability to contribute.

Next, decide whether you’d like your contribution to be used to provide some form of Universal Income, to provide revenue to some level of government, or a combination of these.

If you want to contribute to the provision of a Universal Income, we suggest that you choose a charity that distributes a Universal Income such as Give Directly. (You will need to go to Give Directly UK and, once you have set up your payment, email them from that page to request that your donation be earmarked for the Universal Basic Income not the lump-sum cash transfer programme)

If you identify another charity that distributes a Universal Income, please let us know so that we can add them to our list.

If you want to contribute to some level of government, make contact with them and agree a mechanism by which they can receive the contribution (you may wish to give them our Information for Councils). We have discussed this sort of mechanism so far with some parish councils in England and hope to come to a similar arrangement with billing authorities and HMRC.

Next, set up your monthly payment/s. Ask your chosen recipient to provide you with their bank details and set up a monthly standing order. We are in the process of developing – for contributors who are particularly interested in the Universal Income aspect of the movement – a mechanism to allow people to contribute using blockchain technology. This is because the potential gains of utilising the new technology for this purpose are immense.

Finally, in order to enable the movement to document its own growth, we would also greatly appreciate your sharing on ‘the socials’ – social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. – whatever you’re happy to share about your participation and contribution with whomever you’re happy to share it.