About Us


Gareth Whelan

lives in Germany, is involved on the management side of construction and has interests as varied as dancing balfolk, playing fiddle, blockchain technology and the principles of Henry George.

Why I'm involved: a more inclusive, rewarding and efficient economy


Jonty Williams

is co-founder of Liddy Ball Husbandry School, Devon, and author of Husbandry: an ancient art for the modern world.

Why I’m involved: an ethical duty to pay dues voluntarily


Julian Pratt

used to work in health care and since his retirement has written about, and campaigned for, Land Value Taxation www.stewardship.ac .

Why I’m involved: to bring about Land Value Taxation


Rosemary Field

worked as a family doctor and in health care policy.

Why I’m involved: to reduce inequalities in wealth


Duncan Pickard

is a farmer, an owner-occupier of 650 acres of land in Scotland.

Why I’m involved: reducing existing taxes on farmers