We are individuals, each with connections to Devon, England.  Some of us are freeholders of some land and are choosing to contribute a proportion of the ground rent of that land on a regular basis to a range of beneficiaries.  Some of us are tenants who have committed to making ground rent contributions if and when they become owners.

By land we mean the solid surface of the earth, including land used for houses, flats, commerce, industry and agriculture.  By ground rent we mean the market rent of that land, which does not include the market rental of any buildings.

We each have our own reasons for paying a voluntary ground rent, and our own ideas of how the revenue might best be spent, but there is considerable overlap amongst our ideas.

For an explanation of how we go about this, see How Contributions are Made. To find out more please contact us.

And we are not alone.  Westminster City Council has asked residents liable for Band H Council Tax to pay a voluntary supplement of £833 per year to fund youth clubs, homelessness services and visits to lonely people. An amazing 350 households (2% of those invited) are making the contributions .